Day 4 TMB continued - on the way down from the pass, we got distracted by MONTY, our cute little Marmot friend. Josh went on a stalking rampage again for a good 15 mins to get a good shot of him.
We then spotted another one, followed Monty #2, and subsequently got a tad lost and went rouge off the trail. It is ok because it met back up with the original path - it was just a slightly longer and adventurous path, but with Marmots!! Worth it.

A couple of days preparing in Puerto Natalas for the 8 day O-Hike in Torres Del Paine national Park.

Timelapse video of our walk on H-Island in the Beagle Channel.

(Note: these longer videos can't be posted here directly. Follow the link and use the password "Travelling-Lurtle-Videos!")

I wouldn't exactly call it structurally sound. The entire device hinges is a water bottle counterweight to stay up.
Works though.

Waiting for our bus to Iguazu Falls. See you in 20 hours!

We also paid a visit to the Botanical Gardens, but couldn't get in to half of them as all the gates were locked.

We also learnt that Porteños (Argentinian's from Buenos Aires) LOVE their bookstores. There's almost one on every street.

The El Ateneo Grand Splendid was a theatre before it was converted in to the "Worlds most beautiful bookstore".

Spent the day wandering the Palermo district and learning about how the Argentine oligarchs shaped the city.

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